Ovast Media provides a portfolio of consumer sites, informational web properties, search technologies and social media blogs that focus on popular, consumer-relevant categories, from technology, finance and education to home design, health and travel. This network delivers a rich mix of news, commentary, guidance and professional services to each vertical, creating rewarding experiences to today's digital consumers through high-quality content, innovative relevancy initiatives and user-specific results from the Real-Time Web.

Our Products

    • AdventureWorthy

      Adventure Worthy

      Adventure Worthy is a travel guide & magazine for the thrifty adventurer interested in a good time for a good deal.

    • Chickolith


      Chickolith is a women's lifestyle website for the young, modern female: strong willed, passionate and feminine.

    • Daymix


      Daymix is a relevance-based search engine that matches search terms with video, photos & the real-time web.

    • Digigasms


      Digigasms is a technology website catered toward the young professional and geek alike, with daily tech news & reviews.

    • Frockable


      Frockable is an online fashion magazine that lets its readers know what's currently in style, and what's not.

    • HouseMod

      House Mod

      House Mod provides guidance, insight and everything else needed to construct, upgrade or remodel your home.

    • KidGalore

      Kid Galore

      Kidgalore is a parenting website that provides news, advice and fun to new parents in need of a helping hand.

    • Lane2Lane

      Lane 2 Lane

      Lane2Lane is home to automobile enthusiasts the world over, from the daily commuter to the weekend racer.

    • Nice Dwellings

      Nice Dwellings

      NiceDwells is a home design and luxury living website for today's modern homeowners (and renters).

    • Open Source Food

      Open Source Food

      Open Source Food is an online community of food lovers and avid cooks.

    • PhysiqueSpeak

      Physique Speak

      Physique Speak is a co-ed fitness and workout website that covers everything from DVD reviews to diet plans.

    • PostScholastica

      Post Scholastica

      Post Scholastica is an education website geared toward adults re-entering the world of education & new parents.

    • Real TV Addict

      Real TV Addict

      Real TV Addict covers everything TV for the TV buff, with expanding coverage to film and home entertainment.

    • Robodustrial


      Robodustrial provides industrial and manufacturing news and analysis for business owners and managers.

    • Vivastic


      Vivastic is a health magazine for the health conscious with a focus on news, nutrition and healthy living.

    • Wallet Genius

      Wallet Genius

      Wallet Genius is a financial advice & news website for young adults starting to take control of their financial lives.

    • Holiday Mash

      Holiday Mash

      Holiday Mash is home to the festive holiday lover, providing every holiday with its proper crafts, recipes, traditions and insights.

    • Fame Mix

      Fame Mix

      Famemix is a celebrity-first search engine that provides a fun & relevant blend of video, photo & real-time web results.

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